Designed for the most versatile enthusiasts and collectors. This is truly the first rolling tray to really cater to all smoking methods. What can we say! We love this product. The Blazy Susan is THE BEST way to organize all of your smoking / dabbing gear in a neat, aesthetically pleasing, and practical way. The Blazy Susan is essentially a lazy susan with a tray on top with tons of compartments for everything from your dabbers, to q-tips, lighters, grinders, rolling papers, torches, stash jars, bongs, bowls, joints, carb caps, ash tray, you name it, the Blazy Susan has a slot for it, and not just any slot, a slot that fits your items like a glove.  And at the centre is a silicon dab mat which is anti stick (so your dabs don’t stick to it), and heat resistant.


The fact that it spins like a regular lazy Susan is just so cool and it will enhance any session knowing that everything is at hand.


In stock, we have standard Birch with green silicone mat and teal insert. Message for customisable options.


You know you want one !