Experience vapor in a whole new way! The DAVINCI IQ is crafted for an evolved, tailored vapor experience. Utilizing built-in innovative technologies, like the only all zirconia ceramic airpath and Smart Path temperature settings - the IQ delivers the purest and most precise vaping experience possible. Smart Path allows you to start at any desired temperature and then slowly increase the temperature to a certain temperature over 10 minutes. Finally, you can go up as fast as you want for as long as you want to get better heat throughout the entire session.

The DAVINCI IQ features 360 conduction heating which allows for the extract or herb to cook evenly and have a smoother taste. The LED display allows you to see the status of your vaporizer without opening the app or having to look on the screen.

This is the only portable dry herb vaporiser you'll ever want or need, with the perfect combination of portability and vapour quality. Fits in the pocket or hand bag and ready to deliver flavourful hits whenever you're up for it ! Comes in great colours and looks fantastic.

Includes USB Charging Cable, Alcohol Wipes, Chimney Brush, Keychain Multi-tool, 10mm Adapter, Carry Can and Flavour Chamber.