Step One – Prepare Your Materials

You can activate any cannabis product in the Nova, whether you have flower, kief, or any other concentrate. Dense flower composed of solid nugs can be placed into the device as-is, while powdery ‘shakey’ flower, kief, and other related concentrates should be placed on parchment paper or a silicone container to keep them from sticking.

Step Two – Prepare the Nova

Slide the container back into the device and place the purple silicone lid on top. The lid prevents any oxygen from entering the container while also allowing any pressure to escape. Place the outer black lid on tightly. It does not ‘lock,” but does click into place. As long as the lid is pushed down securely, you are good to go.

Step Three – Get Started

The Nova’s user interface is easy to understand. When you close the lid, the light on the Nova will be green. This means that the device is ready for use. Press the button located on the front of the Nova to begin the decarboxylation process. The green light will immediately turn red. This means that the decarb cycle has begun.

The entire cycle takes from an hour and a half to two hours, with the sensors and algorithm working in conjunction to create precise, even heating cycles to fully decarboxylate the material. When the process is complete, the red light will again turn green, signalling that the material is now ready for use. When you remove material from the Nova you will notice that it is darker than it was previously. The colour change is very noticeable when decarbing flower and kief, a bit less so when dealing with extracted concentrates.