Are you a super smeller? The new Ardent FX Scent Shield provides an extra layer of security for your discretion and a solution for sensitive noses.

Nosy neighbors, judgy roommates, prying landlords, and even children in your household won’t sense a thing as you decarboxylate, infuse, and bake in the FX. 

The provided filters nestle inside the lid, which can be disposed of and replaced. Each filter uses activated carbon as a smell neutralizer and deodorizer, binding the odor molecules and attaching them to the surface. 

Perfect option for folks with a heightened sense of smell compared to the average person.

What’s Included

Ardent FX Scent Shield with honeycomb filter.

How to Use

Remove the FX lid, then replace it with the Ardent FX Scent Shield during decarboxylation, infusion, and bake cycles whenever you want to avoid drawing attention to your medicine. To change the filter on the lid, remove the silicone ring and flick open the hatch, revealing a honeycomb filter in the core. Dispose of the filter and replace with 1 full set of the provided pancake mesh filters (1 set = 3 pancakes). Close the hatch shut, place the silicone ring back on, and use as directed.

Compatible With

The Ardent FX Scent Shield is compatible with the Ardent FX.